A technical deep dive

On this page, we will take a deep dive into our technology. We use Eclipse technology to realize smarter solutions for our customers. This page focuses on staff with an (ICT) background in communication technology, such as the CTO of an organization.

What we do

Eclipse provides the convenience of a single environment in which we render your data into readable items that are subsequently distributed to different output channels via automated scenarios. Using this as a starting point, we store information and report it smartly and transparently. With this, usage, volume and distribution, and opens, clicks, etc. play an important role. In addition to functionality requirements, the solution facilitates audits, protection of personal data and A/B tests. A complete solution for client communication in the cloud, where you only pay for what you use.

Our view on data

How your organization uses data or information significantly impacts client communication. Client communication data often originates from several source systems. This is why Eclipse has developed a Canonic Data Model (CDM). This model consists of generic JSON and/or XML fields. These fields are categorized by various subjects for reports and inspections, among others.

What does this mean in practice?

  • Canonical Data Model (CDM)
    We start with a definition. The Canonical Data Model is a model of the definitions, relationships and structure of information, referring to a set of rules established within a defined context for communication between a set of applications and/or parties.
    In short: Our CDM comprises definitions for communication between various data schemes. In the CDM, we use generic fields such as personal data, production data, financial data, distribution data, archive data and integrations data. This allows us to control the data scheme and its behavior. Some of the benefits include:

    • The consistent description of data
    • Standard terminology and denotation
    • The ultimate reference for interactions and transactions
  • Data transformation
    In our platform, we process standard JSON or XML. This works as follows: Your organization provides us with the data format that is common within the source system used by your organization. We subsequently convert and enrich information from one format or structure to a standard format and structure. Then we use our CDM for further data processing, including all necessary security checks.
  • Data enrichment & validation
    Should data translation be necessary, we will check and modify the data you provide and expand it. This ensures we process complete and up-to-date data. This is essential to making the most of all the desired functionalities our platform offers you.


Because we process personal data that can be traced back to an individual, privacy plays an important and sensitive role. This is why Eclipse attaches great importance to GDPR-proof customer data processing.

If customers use our cloud-based service, data is stored encrypted in a single, central location. This will provide them with the option to determine how long data should be stored at the end of each communication scenario – either until the completion of processing or longer.

  • Depersonalization of personal data to an ID
    After data processing, it is essential that the Administration, Auditing and Reporting departments can obtain the desired insights. Eclipse depersonalizes delivered data, and only stores provided customer characteristics.
  • Central storage of personal data
    Delivered data and generated messages are stored in a central location, the Azure Storage Account for Western-Europe (Amsterdam). Data is always stored in encrypted form.

Integration and data exchange

  • Delivery
    Eclipse only supports (third-party) system integrations that support the highest security standards in cryptography and identity management. Our standard configuration supports data delivery via secure FTP and REST-API protocols. Custom integrations, such as VPN or SOAP, are also possible.
  • Handback
    As a System Integrator, we have extensive experience in handback confirmation or specific data for CRM systems, ERP and personal account environments. Data handback is custom work and made possible by Eclipse.


Eclipse has developed a Best Practice for template design and management. The templates are built from various elements directly related to the provided data, corporate identity manual and text sources.

Intelligent simplification ensures the expedition of message management and editing. While maintaining their rights, users can get access to read and write privileges and edit text blocks and submit them for approval to the person ultimately responsible within the organization.

We use Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to gain access to our cloud services. Via this identity and access management service, customers can get access to our services.

Certifications / Compliance

Eclipse is ISO/IEC 27001-certified. ISO 27001 is the ISO standard for information security. This international standard applies to commercial enterprises, public institutions, and non-profit organizations. This standard sets clear requirements for the establishment, implementation, operation, audit, assessment, maintenance and improvement of a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS).

It also specifies requirements for implementing of security measures adapted to the needs of individual organizations or parts thereof. The ISMS is designed to guarantee the choice of adequate and proportional security measures that protect information and provide trust to stakeholders.

Our solutions are designed to respond rapidly to compliance with applicable codes of conduct and new laws and regulations. We provide help in this process to ensure that the organizations of our customers comply with applicable codes of conduct as well as laws and regulations. Examples are the GDPR and MiFID II.

Reporting / Audit trail

Within our Azure environment, all processes and activities are registered, i.e., logged for a minimum period of 6 months. If so desired, this period can be extended. All processing and responses are incorporated into a widget-based dashboard available in the portal.

Scenario Management

Scenario management allows our customers to use a workflow to combine all available output channels in a single, complete communication scenario and link various triggers to modular output channels.

With scenario management, users can easily manage available communication channels through a transparent drag-and-drop editor. This allows users to easily configure ‘What if’, ‘If-Then’, actions and triggers. If desired, Eclipse can also support this process. It is also possible to fully outsource scenario management.

Our partners in technology

The cloud-based services of Eclipse are powered by Microsoft .Net and Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, in combination with Quadient Inspire technology.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact us. We will happily discuss your options.

Company video

Are you interested in our company? In addition to all the information on our website, you can also watch our video.

The 6 advantages of Eclipse


Our working methods ensure safe storage and processing of customer data.

No major investment required

Our solutions are subject to a transparent monthly fee.

Communication the way your customer wants it

Communicating with your customer when and via which channel they prefer. Thus, omni-channel. That’s the most efficient way for your organization.

The safety and certainty of Software as a Service

Our CCM service is in the cloud (SaaS). Which means: no need for updates ever again. You have the certainty of always having the latest communication technology.

Growth in customer appreciation, loyalty, NPS and sales

Unambiguous customer communication via your customer’s preferred communication channel produces several positive results.

We are involved

Our team of specialists is always there for you. We improve your customer communication. Driven by technological developments or on request.

Take a look at the services that Eclipse can take care of for your organization.

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