We are Eclipse. A modern, international organization that is committed to developing Customer Communication Management as a Service every day. We work as one team in both the Netherlands and Northern Macedonia. As a team, we are committed to helping customers use smart communication technologies every day.

Our vision

We are convinced that customer experience is becoming increasingly important. You want to be visible wherever your customers are. Technological developments and changing laws and regulations all influence the way you want to communicate with your customers, suppliers or colleagues. We believe that in this rapidly changing world of digital transformation and document logistics, your customers will always be central. The challenge for organizations to organize this properly is getting bigger and bigger, as is the demand for support. Eclipse offers exactly that support.

Our mission

We offer the best Customer Communication Management as a Service, allowing our customers to convert their data into readable texts in accordance with their house style guide within one digital environment. This content is sent via automated scenarios across various output channels. We report all relevant information in a smart and clear way. Usage, volume, distribution, but also opens/clicks/ etc. play a role.

In addition to functional requirements, our CCM platform facilitates in-depth information for audits, personal data protection and A/B testing. Eclipse offers your complete customer communication – a solution in the cloud where you only pay for actual usage.

Eclipse Group The Netherlands

Eclipse Group North Macedonia

Eclipse Group

Eclipse is a fast-growing organization with offices in the Netherlands and Macedonia. We specialize in communication technologies and work with a team of specialists to support your organization.


Specialists who want to work with us are given a lot of responsibility. This doesn’t stop you. In fact, this is exactly the reason why you come to work with us and it helps you further your career.

Eclipse partnership

If your organization opts for an Eclipse partnership, you opt for for a partnership with a specialist in the field of communication technology. We like to think along with you.

Eclipse. Smart use of technology

At Eclipse we use communication technology cleverly. We are happy to explain how we can help you with new and existing technology.

The 6 advantages of Eclipse


Our working methods ensure safe storage and processing of customer data.

No major investment required

Our solutions are subject to a transparent monthly fee.

Communication the way your customer wants it

Communicating with your customer when and via which channel they prefer. Thus, omni-channel. That’s the most efficient way for your organization.

The safety and certainty of Software as a Service

Our CCM service is in the cloud (SaaS). Which means: no need for updates ever again. You have the certainty of always having the latest communication technology.

Growth in customer appreciation, loyalty, NPS and sales

Unambiguous customer communication via your customer’s preferred communication channel produces several positive results.

We are involved

Our team of specialists is always there for you. We improve your customer communication. Driven by technological developments or on request.

Take a look at the services that Eclipse can take care of for your organization.

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