Linking applications

The e-mail you sent wasn’t opened. Therefore, you want an automated reminder to be sent by SMS. In addition, the call center has to call the customer, just to be sure. This method requires that applications intercommunicate perfectly: intelligently, automatedly, and securely.

Eclipse takes care of well-functioning application integration to realize perfect, unambiguous communication. Together with our customers, we look at how we can achieve this integration. Via API links, sFTP, Message Queue or web services. Whatever feels comfortable and is feasible.

In addition, we brainstorm with you about the channels that your organization does not yet use but considers for the future. These could, for example, be newer communication channels such as WhatsApp for Business or a smart chat app. Eclipse can facilitate this for you.

We make the connection

  • Linking applications
  • Safe and sound
  • API, sFTP, Message Queue or web services
  • Integrate new web applications

Eclipse. Smart use of communication technology

Would you like to know more about the technology behind our communication solutions?

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Eclipse. Smart use of technology

At Eclipse we use communication technology cleverly. We are happy to explain how we can help you with new and existing technology.

The 6 advantages of Eclipse


Our working methods ensure safe storage and processing of customer data.

No major investment required

Our solutions are subject to a transparent monthly fee.

Communication the way your customer wants it

Communicating with your customer when and via which channel they prefer. Thus, omni-channel. That’s the most efficient way for your organization.

The safety and certainty of Software as a Service

Our CCM service is in the cloud (SaaS). Which means: no need for updates ever again. You have the certainty of always having the latest communication technology.

Growth in customer appreciation, loyalty, NPS and sales

Unambiguous customer communication via your customer’s preferred communication channel produces several positive results.

We are involved

Our team of specialists is always there for you. We improve your customer communication. Driven by technological developments or on request.

Take a look at the services that Eclipse can take care of for your organization.

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