Management dashboard

How long are customers ‘on hold’ on the phone? What works better as a reminder: SMS or WhatsApp? How long does it take to turn a prospect into a customer? Within how many days will an invoice be paid? How often does a customer log into their user account? How is the NPS score developing? Whatever figures you want to measure, Eclipse provides tailor-made KPI-BI dashboards.

KPI- en BI Dashboards





Eclipse realizes tailor-made KPI-BI dashboards based on the specific goals that are important and relevant to your organization. We determine these goals in mutual consultation. The dashboards we develop provide the necessary insight in a clear way. We can unlock the dashboards for multiple devices: smart phone and desktop, for example. Which makes real-time monitoring and adjustment easy.

Links to external data? To compare / benchmark the results of your organization with those of others? It’s all possible. Eclipse ensures that applications are connected in a reliable and sustainable way.

KPI Dashboards via Eclipse

  • The KPIs that are relevant to you
  • Real-time en up to date
  • Insight on different devices
  • Data links based on CDM

Eclipse. Smart use of communication technology

Would you like to know more about the technology behind our communication solutions?

Take a deep dive and see how we help organizations. Prefer a meeting with one of our consultants or technical managers?

Eclipse. Smart use of technology

At Eclipse we use communication technology cleverly. We are happy to explain how we can help you with new and existing technology.

The 6 advantages of Eclipse


Our working methods ensure safe storage and processing of customer data.

No major investment required

Our solutions are subject to a transparent monthly fee.

Communication the way your customer wants it

Communicating with your customer when and via which channel they prefer. Thus, omni-channel. That’s the most efficient way for your organization.

The safety and certainty of Software as a Service

Our CCM service is in the cloud (SaaS). Which means: no need for updates ever again. You have the certainty of always having the latest communication technology.

Growth in customer appreciation, loyalty, NPS and sales

Unambiguous customer communication via your customer’s preferred communication channel produces several positive results.

We are involved

Our team of specialists is always there for you. We improve your customer communication. Driven by technological developments or on request.

Take a look at the services that Eclipse can take care of for your organization.

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