As an organization, how do you make things as easy as possible for your customer? By offering a uniform, professional appearance in which your customer feels safe and understood.

But how do you connect internal systems? How do you make customer scenarios transparent? How do you ensure that house style guides are adhered to? And how does management gain insight into the results? The answer to these questions? Eclipse! We’ll take these challenges off your hands.

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Eclipse, provides solutions for Integrated Customer Communication Management, specialized in creating, managing -and implementing personalized omni-channel transactional and conversational communications at scale. Select the channels you want and we provide you with everything you need to reach your customers across physical and digital channels, with minimal friction and at any point along their customer journey. Eclipse attaches great importance to security, reduces data-privacy risks and offers a complete solution for CCM, where you only pay for what you use, whether it deals with one, or bulk communication.
Bundling customer data

Customer information and data are stored in different systems. In a CRM system. In a customer contact system. In an invoicing package. Eclipse bundles customer data using a Canonical Data Model (CDM). With it, we structure and validate all available customer data. And we can enrich data, if necessary.

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Linking applications

The e-mail you sent wasn’t opened. Therefore, you want an automated reminder to be sent by SMS. In addition, the call center has to call the customer, just to be sure. This method requires that applications intercommunicate perfectly: intelligently, automatedly, and securely.

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Working out scenarios

Suppose a customer opens an e-mail, clicks on the link in that e-mail but ultimately doesn’t log in to their account? As a result, the action expected of the customer, such as modifying a subscription, passing on data or accepting an offer, does not take place. Now what?

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Set up flexible customer journeys

Arranging and executing the perfect customer journey, giving customers or employees specific tasks and roles, initiating actions based on the behavior of customers or employees? At Eclipse we organize these activities using our dynamic workflow.

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Uniform communication style

An employee at the administration department sends a reminder by e-mail. The e-mail has a neat layout and the communication style is formal. “Dear Mr./Ms. … Sincerely …” At the same time, an employee at the customer contact department also sends an e-mail. The employee is new, the e-mail layout is not yet set up and the communication style is informal “Hi … Thanks …” The email also contains two spelling errors but unfortunately has already been sent without having been checked.

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Tapping into new customer channels

You’re considering developing an app. Not least because push notifications and the ‘red dot’ in the app will make the user more willing to take action. You also want to use WhatsApp as a communication channel. Where do you start? How do you set up these channels cleverly? And how can you be sure that you never lose customer data between these channels?

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Management dashboard

How long are customers ‘on hold’ on the phone? What works better as a reminder: SMS or WhatsApp? How long does it take to turn a prospect into a customer? Within how many days will an invoice be paid? How often does a customer log into their user account? How is the NPS score developing? Whatever figures you want to measure, Eclipse provides tailor-made KPI-BI dashboards.

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Eclipse. Smart use of technology

At Eclipse we use communication technology cleverly. We are happy to explain how we can help you with new and existing technology.

The 6 advantages of Eclipse


Our working methods ensure safe storage and processing of customer data.

No major investment required

Our solutions are subject to a transparent monthly fee.

Communication the way your customer wants it

Communicating with your customer when and via which channel they prefer. Thus, omni-channel. That’s the most efficient way for your organization.

The safety and certainty of Software as a Service

Our CCM service is in the cloud (SaaS). Which means: no need for updates ever again. You have the certainty of always having the latest communication technology.

Growth in customer appreciation, loyalty, NPS and sales

Unambiguous customer communication via your customer’s preferred communication channel produces several positive results.

We are involved

Our team of specialists is always there for you. We improve your customer communication. Driven by technological developments or on request.

Take a look at the services that Eclipse can take care of for your organization.

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