Communication platform could be leading in changing Pension Law

2 may 2018 | EY Article

Laws & Regulation are constantly changing. On january 1st 2019 a new Dutch law comes into affect: Law value transfer small pension.

Communication platsforms could play an important role in the way organisations and goverments communicate. In this particular case, pension organizations look with great interest to the upcoming law. This law means that an automatic value transfer from a small pension (less than € 467.89 gross per year) to a new pension provider is possible. The administrative realization of the automatic value transfer is going to put the pension sector into a challenge.

Ernst & Young's Risk Managed Services team, together with Eclipse, has developed the EY4C (Conduct Comliant Customer Communication) platform. A communication platform that promotes and digitizes the interaction between pension funds, implementers and participants. The platform is fully compliant with all laws and regulations. Participants can thus make an effective and efficient choice and are helped in a way that is pleasant to them.

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