3 Steps how to use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for ensuring GDPR compliance

13 june 2018 | Henk Honders

Sometimes two things happen at once and the combination of them becomes a great opportunity.

The new GDPR legislation (AVG) is now in place and all companies are looking for opportunities to continue to comply with the legislation transparently and clearly, without too many costs! The RPA technology is now 'mature' and easy to use. Software robots can be conveniently used for ‘screen work’, which nowadays is still routinely done by (expensive) employees. With the GDPR legislation in...


GDPR in effect. Let's work smart!

25 may 2018 | Gijs Le Blanc

Is your privacy policy in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation?

Finding the right balance between using personal data and protecting privacy is one of the biggest challenges in the current digital era we are in. All organisations within the EU that process personal data are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR requires that institutions that process personal data must be...


Business Trend: How are organisations thriving through disruption?

16 may 2018 | EY Article

Leaders of established companies seeking to be disruptive are challenging their management teams and workforces to revisit their products and processes, and to look outside the traditional enterprise walls..


Communication platform could be leading in changing Pension Law

2 may 2018 | EY Article

Laws & Regulation are constantly changing. On january 1st 2019 a new Dutch law comes into affect: Law value transfer small pension.

Communication platsforms could play an important role in the way organisations and goverments communicate. In this particular case, pension organizations look with great interest to the upcoming law. This law means that an automatic value...

Law Pension

Business Trend: How banks can transform from digital learners to digital leaders

11 april 2018 | EY Article

How banks can transform from digital learners to digital leaders

Ten years after the financial crisis, banks are no longer overwhelmed by regulatory change programs or consumed by compliance requirements. In 2018, they are turning toward growing and optimizing their businesses. To do so, banks must become..

Digital Leaders

The Digital Signature in the year 2018

29 march 2018 | Rutger Poen

As the digitization of our society increases, we see that more and more transactions are no longer taking place physically but online. Determining the right identity of a person is central to this.

It’s therefor no surprise that the legal framework for the use of the digital signature has been tightened by the European Union. On July 1st, 2016, the regulation (EU) Nr. 910/2014 entered into force, also known as the eIDAS regulation.

A digital signature can best be described as a process where you determine a number of things...

Digital Signature

BPMpartner becomes part of the Eclipse Group!

12 februari 2018 | Hans van Lith

We are pleased to inform you about the new developments within the Eclipse Group. Eclipse has been a trusted partner in technical communication solutions for 12 years and from 1 January 2018 you are also at the right address for RPA solutions and more...

BPM Partner

Eclipse reaches Delivery Partner Gold agreement with Quadient

6 October 2017 | Hans van Lith

Eclipse is now Quadient Delivery Partner Gold. Together, we continue to shape en redefine the industry. This partnership enables us to bring our clients the best in customer experience...


Eclipse Group - New Website

5 October 2017 | Hans van Lith

We are proud to announce that we have a new website.

Website Eclipse Launch